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I’m J. Bobby Lopez – Welcome to my humble little slice of the Internet!

This website serves as a reference of my work and experiences over the years, while also serving a bit of a creative outlet.  Please enjoy the articles I’ve written or have shared here.  Feel free to comment, or to send me a quick note if you come across any articles that are particularly interesting to you!

Along with being an absolutely enamoured father to my two beautiful girls, my interests vary greatly to include everything from a passion for Science and Science Education, Philosophy, Technology, Music and more.  My beliefs are soundly built upon a foundation of logic and reason supported by Science.  I also like to swim and dance :)

Professionally, I work in IT and serve as the Production Operations Team Lead at Ethoca Ltd.  Previously, I worked at RBC Capital Markets LLC. in Toronto as a Senior Automation and Release Management Engineer.  Before that, I spent many years working at VMware, as Lead Developer, Business Intelligence Solutions; as the tools development lead for Global Support Services, and as a Developer/Analyst for VMware Global Support Operations.

My general value proposition is that I have a broad range of software and infrastructure design, implementation, and testing experience; along with skills in configuration and release management, infrastructure automation, and compliance. As a Software and Infrastructure Engineer with a focus on DevOps practices,  I typically work with a mix of Linux, Unix and Open Source Software (such as Debian, RedHat, Ruby, Perl, Python, Ansible, Jenkins); along with commercial solutions (such as VMware, Oracle, Redhat, Solaris and Windows Servers) to build high-quality systems and services for enterprise-scale organizations. I’m eager to leverage the power of automation to increase productivity and eliminate tedious manual processes. I am also very adamant about adhering to clean, flexible, modular design practices over ad-hoc or “quick-n-dirty” solutions. That’s just how I roll.

I blog here to record and share my thoughts and interests from time to time.  I also tend to do the same on Twitter or LinkedIn.  I am a supporter of Free Software, and I enjoy working with and advocate open source wherever possible.  I am also very passionate and opinionated about business process improvement, personal or group productivity, and critical thinking.

Enough about me :)  Tell me about you!  Who are you?  What brought you here? And what are you passionate about?  Thanks for visiting!


Please consider reaching out to me via Twitter, LinkedIn or Email.

Résumé: J. Bobby Lopez – Résumé – 2013 [PDF]

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