J. Bobby Lopez

Former Ethoca, VMware, and RBC Capital Markets
Professional DevOps and Agile Consultant at Sourced Group

"What is the difference between what is happening, on the one hand, and the direction of its motion, on the other? If I am flying from London to New York, I am moving westwards even before leaving the British Coast.”

- Alan Watts, 1967

Experience Summary:

  • Process Management: Agile, DevOps, Scrum, Kanban
  • DevOps Tools: Linux, Atlassian JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Jenkins
  • Cloud Platforms: Azure, Openstack, AWS, GCP, VMware
  • Orchestration: Chef, Puppet, Ansible,
  • Languages: Ruby, Python, Javascript, Perl, Go, Bash, Powershell,
  • Roles: Cloud Consultant, DevOps Architect, Solutions Architect



My experience has allowed me the privilege and opportunty to work with global organizations in many challenging and rewarding roles. These include Software Development Lead, Sr. Build and Release Engineer, Production Operations Team Lead, DevOps Manager, and DevOps Architect for various, highly regulated financial institutions and technology firms.

I am a huge fan and advocate of Open Source Software!  I am also unbiased when it comes to cloud platforms or development and automation tools.  I believe in developing core, cross-platofrm and cross-technology skill-sets that are transferable.  It is important to me to always try and leverage cloud-native tools and services first as much as possible before considering out of box solutions - regardless of the platform I may be working with.

I have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy designing and building systems and software solutions.  Solutions that are not only functional and effective, but are also simple, scalable, and highly maintainable. 

My core focus and interest is in designing and building systems that automate and orchestrate software delivery - using Agile, DevOps, and pragmatic software development.

I aim to be a Trusted Advisor for highly regulated FSI or security conscious organizations deploying mission-critical software. I provide consultation and guidance from an Architecture, Engineering, or Business Process Management perspective.  My continuing mission is to help our clients mature their Devops and Agile journeys on their chosen Cloud Platforms.