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For the last two weeks I’ve been getting involved in the PHP Community Website []. This was a project started by Chris Shiflett to bring expert PHP programmers and novices together in order to share and expand on ideas. I’ve befriended Chris during this time, and he has put me in touch with the NY PHP User Group founder Hans Zaunere, along with a few others with whom I am looking forward to discuss PHPCommunity.Org, along with other interesting PHP related tidbits cropping up.

PHP Application Backup/Restore

Does anyone use php/mysql in way that is easy to backup/restore? Right now if I wanted to back up a php based website or web app, I’d have to tar the app directory, and the directory where the database is located. If I wanted to install the app on another system, I would have to create a mysql account on the new database server and give it access to read/write to the restored database. I find this inconvenient, and was wondering if anyone had a setup where all they had to do was tar up a single directory tree to transport an app (db privileges and everything). If you have any ideas on how to do this please let me know!

Personal Blog

Welcome to my personal blog.  This section includes several articles, many of which I’ve written personally; along with many articles of interest that I have discovered or have commented on at various points in time on the web.  The articles I’ve published are mainly focused on technology and software topics.  However I do write about other topics every so often, including science, philosophy and personal beliefs.

I am always interested to hear different, well-reasoned perspectives on the topics that interest me. Please feel free to comment and share your own opinions on any of the articles presented here.  If you register for an account on this site, please also send me a separate note by e-mail (or ping me on twitter), as I do get a lot of spam from this blog.

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Mounting EXT2FS under Windows

I found a cool utility that allows you to mount Ext2 filesystems under Win2k – it’s called Ext2FSD. It’s Open Source, and it works pretty well. I was able to play MP3’s nicely off the mounted partition while playing X-Tension (got tired of the in-game music).

I also found a nice Palm app called CryptoPad. Those of you who were smart enough to realize that information on your Palm is insecure because it’s all plain-text (pdb’s don’t count, they’re easily exportable), probably got a hold of SecureMemo from Certicom. Certicom was giving the app away for free, however they stopped development on it, and don’t support it or provide it on their web-site anymore. CryptoPad is better, since it’s Open Source, and it uses blowfish encryption (strong, clean, yum).