Keeping Your Pockets Organized

I’ve had many different kinds of wallets and credit card holders over the years.  A long time ago I used to have what is sometimes known as the “butt brick” or the “Costanza wallet” ((Urban Dictionary – Coztanza Wallet)), but that time has thankfully passed.  I quickly became familiar with money clips, business card holders, day books, organizers, and so on, as ways to organize the items that I liked to keep on my person at all times.


After a while however, each of these solutions ended up getting in my way.  With a money clip, my plastic (credit, debit, ID cards) were always kept elsewhere, or carried loosely in my front pockets.  With the organizer/day-book, I found that it always occupied my hands because it was too big to carry in a pocket.

Eventually I would end-up leaving the organizer in the car, only taking from it the required cash and plastic that I needed at the time; but this was a pain because every time I got out of the car, I would be switching out plastic cards depending on where I was going at the time.

Sometimes, I would decide not to take my organizer with me, and would consciously leave it at home or at the office, thinking that “I’m just running out for a quick bit”.  However I would regularly end up in a situation (when least expected) where I would really need one of those plastic cards.

Eventually, I made it a habit to take three cards with me at at all times.  My drivers license, my debit card, and a credit card would accompany me, residing loosely in my front pockets. At this point I stopped carrying cash entirely (at least in my pockets), because of the way I budget my day-to-day expenses.

However, it always annoyed me that I had so many other cards that I felt I should have on me, but didn’t – such as my Health Card, Chapters-Indigo Discount Card ((I buy a lot of books)), my Air Miles and Aeroplan cards, and so on.  I wasn’t satisfied with my current plastic card situation.

The problem with carrying plastic cards loosely in your pockets is that they can become scuffed or damaged much faster, as they are rubbing against each other whenever you move around.  Their magnetic strips can become damaged rapidly if you decide to toss anything else in your pockets, such as loose change, or (heaven forbid) keys!

One day earlier this week I decided I was going to solve this problem, once and for all.  I wasn’t sure how, but many ideas came to mind.  Being the innate problem-solver and hacker that I am, I thought about building my own card-wallet.  Ripping apart some old leather wallets that I had, and whipping out the black electrical tape and a sewing needle all came to mind.  Before I did that though, I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t a more practical solution that I could pick up cheaply at the local mall – something that maybe I missed because it wasn’t on my mind at the time.  I was certain I could find something at one of those accessory booths usually littered throughout the walk-ways of major shopping centers.

And would you guess, I found exactly what I was looking for!  I have no idea who manufactures it ((It could possibly be a no-name import from somewhere in China)), but it seems to do the trick for me.  Here’s what it looks like:


It is a double-sided card holder made of “Genuine Leather” ((I haven’t confirmed that it is actually “Genuine Leather”, but the wallet has this printed on one side.)).  On both sides, it has a single strap that runs down the middle to keep the cards from slipping out of their slots.  Along with plastic cards, I can slip a bill or two of cash into one of the slots as well.


Slipping cards out for use is very easy, just unclip the leather strap, and slip out your card.  The wallet is also extremely slim, and easily fits in a front pant pocket with room to spare.


The leather protects the cards within it from wear and damage, so you can also slip loose change and keys into the same pocket without worry.  Each side holds approximately seven cards (if you only put one card in each slot). for a total of 14 cards which can be conveniently carried in a single wallet.

I haven’t found any problems with the wallet yet – it seems to be constructed quite well, and has yet to become inconvenient in any way.  One day I plan to head back to the mall and ask the kind lady who sold me the wallet if she knows who manufactures it.  If I find out, I’ll be sure to update this article with that information right away.

However, if you’re in the area, and really want to get your hands on one of these sweet wallets, you can find them at Burlington Mall, in Ontario Canada.  I purchased mine for only $8.99 CDN.

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