Monket Calendar: Web-based iCal Calendar Editor

In my recent searches for an alternative to PHP iCalendar, I came across a very cool application called Monket Calendar by Karl O’Keeffe. After reading through the description of the application, I was very impressed by what it proposes that it can do. Some of the items include the following:

  • Ability to View *and* modify iCal calendars
  • Drag and drop interface to move calendar events
  • Change start/end dates by re-sizing the event without a page refresh

A lot of these features are very attractive because it makes Monket Calendar a direct competitor to would be killer apps such as Mozilla Sunbird, for it’s ability to modify remote calendars, and PHP iCalendar, which is great for viewing remote calendars, but does not provide an ability to make changes to them.

Some may argue that Mozilla Sunbird still has the advantage of being a stand-alone application that does not require a webserver or services and libraries such as PHP and AJax to run. I would argue that what makes Mozilla Sunbird such a great application is its ability to interact with shared calendars located on remote servers via WebDav or FTP. Of course, the overhead of having to install and configure Apache, PHP4, and Ajax support would probably turn most users away from Monket Calendar. However, if a calendar can be accessed and updated from the website it is hosted in the first place, it wouldn’t make much sense to run a local application to download the calendar’s events, unless you have dial-up or have a requirement to work offline for long periods of time.

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