More Than Just Another Todo List

Recently I whipped up a simple PHP/SQLite based Todo List application for myself, as I didn’t like the Todo Lists available on my Blackberry, or on Mozilla Sunbird.

In passive discussion with some of my colleagues at VMware, the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” came up. The book is a great read if you take it with a grain of salt. I haven’t read the book in a while, but it does contain many good time management and life management tidbits.

In any event, we discussed one of the topics in the book pertaining to tasks, and ranking or prioritization of tasks that needed to get done. In the book, Stephen Covey discusses charting tasks (or Todo Items) in an Urgency/Importance graph. Urgent tasks, or tasks that needed to get done quickly, but were not overly important, would rank higher on the Urgency scale. Tasks that were Important, but did not necessarily need to be done right away would rank higher on the Importance scale, and lower on the Urgency scale.

The Todo List I wrote utilizes this underlying methodology for organizing Todo List items, and so, Items that are both important and urgent would appear higher than those of less importance or urgency.

I’ve only had to use my custom Todo List for a while to realize how much more functional it was compared to the standard Todo Lists available today on most PDAs and Personal Information Management systems.

I have to do some code cleanup before I release the application for public consumption. I just wanted to start a discussion on the topic to guage interest, and to see if anyone else has taken it upon themselves to develop a more usable alternative to the standard linear Todo Lists currently available.

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