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Javascript as an encryption medium?

I had a thought this morning about what would happen if a web application was installed on a server that did not support SSL (HTTPS). If that web application needed to do some secure transactions, like accept passwords etc, what would be an alternative way of transferring that data securely to the web-server without having the data be visible in plain-text on the wire. I figured that it certainly is possible to do some trivial encryption or obfuscation with javascript. But then the thought occured to me, is there a way to implement public-key encryption in javascript, in order to send data to a web-server securely?

Mounting EXT2FS under Windows

I found a cool utility that allows you to mount Ext2 filesystems under Win2k – it’s called Ext2FSD. It’s Open Source, and it works pretty well. I was able to play MP3’s nicely off the mounted partition while playing X-Tension (got tired of the in-game music).

I also found a nice Palm app called CryptoPad. Those of you who were smart enough to realize that information on your Palm is insecure because it’s all plain-text (pdb’s don’t count, they’re easily exportable), probably got a hold of SecureMemo from Certicom. Certicom was giving the app away for free, however they stopped development on it, and don’t support it or provide it on their web-site anymore. CryptoPad is better, since it’s Open Source, and it uses blowfish encryption (strong, clean, yum).