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Second Presidential Debate: Obama vs. McCain


I watched the second debate last night, and I was very disappointed.

Obama kept repeating his same old attacks against McCain, and McCain likewise.

The problem I have with these debates is that they are not moderated correctly, in my opinion.

Why wasn’t Tom Brokaw controlling the debate, insisting that they answer his questions directly?  Tom should have said something to the effect of “I want you both to answer these questions without resorting to criticism of one another.  I want a debate that focuses on solutions, and on your ability to answer the questions posed by the American people, not a debate based on what you think about each other.”

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Amnesty International and Donating to an Important Cause


Every once in a while my wife and I donate to various causes, including Breast Cancer Research, Diabetes Research, and Sick Kids Hospital, among others.  However, we’ve been talking about committing to one or more causes on a monthly basis for a long time.  Finally, one of the causes that I’ve personally decided to make a monthly commitment to, is Amnesty International.

Unless you are living with your head in the ground, you know that people are all over the world are living in chaos – fearing for their lives while being mistreated by terrorist groups and governments which operate as military dictatorships.

The media, including major “trusted” news outlets, do not cover most of the mass killings and crimes against humanity which are happening every day around the world.  It is disturbing to observe and acknowledge how many people I know who are not aware of the Genocide which took place in Rwanda in 1994, where over one million people were slaughtered, with nothing more than machetes, over a 3 month period.

I believe that everyone has the right to an Education, and the right to explore opportunities for health, wealth, and happiness the same way that I, or anyone else in North America does.

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