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Re-embracing The Blog Scene

After a long and unscheduled hiatus, I am slowly influencing myself to re-engage the personal website and blogging scene. Yay!

It’s been a while since I’ve last maintained a personal website regularly. Since I joined VMware, I’ve kept myself quite busy with what I like to call “money work”. “Money work” or “work work” is work done purely for the acquisition of money in order to maintain (or increase) a standard of living. This is of course in contrast to “mind work”, “love work”, “curiosity work” or “my work” which I would collectively define as work which is done purely for its own intrinsic joy. Continue reading Re-embracing The Blog Scene

MindNet.ca is Dead… Long Live JBLData.com!

So after having this site down for a long time and for several reasons (all boring, trust me), I have decided to bring the site back online.

My passion for the MindNet.ca domain has been dwindling slowly over the years, and finally, in March, I decided to let the domain slip out of my hands and away into the depths of the Internet. (Most likely into the hands of an aspiring domain squatter)

I’ve had the JBLData.com domain sitting for a couple of years now (and I just realized it was actually that long), and haven’t really decided what to do with it. So, I decided to convert MindNet.ca to JBLData.com. And voila! Here you have it.


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Mindnet.Ca – Conversion to MySQL Back-end

Well it’s been a long time coming, but we are finally underway with the conversion from plain-text flat files to a MySQL back-end for the article posting system on this site.

The original posting system was something that I coded (that worked pretty well I might add), however the amount of code was unnecessary if I just used an SQL back-end. Now that the code base has been modified, and the articles migrated, I will start to convert other components of the site to be stored in an SQL database of one kind or another. I did not use SQLite for the article posting system however, because I believe this website will require some extensive tables to be created, and modified along the way. SQLite doesn’t really cater to the modification of tables very well, so MySQL was the next logical jump. Hopefully things are working well all around though if any errors are detected, please notify me! Thanks.

Created a Web-based HTML Editor

I have just this morning written a very basic web-based HTML editor that I will use to manage some of the articles posted to this site, particularly in the GNU/Linux section.

I sometimes find it frustrating to have to SSH in to modify some of the content on the site, so I’ve made it a little easier on myself. Some of the articles under the GNU/Linux section should now be updated more frequently!

Mindnet.Ca Now Running Ubuntu Linux

After a long run of having the Mindnet.Ca server running off a Knoppix Live CD, I figured it was time to pull everything together and put www.mindnet.ca, the Mindnet CVS, and The Bag Of Holding (TBOH) all on a properly installed and configured server. After careful consideration with regards to security, performance, and especially stability, I’ve decided to have the server run on Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution that has a more consistant release cycle. Ubuntu is a fairly fresh (new) distribution, so it’s development model still needs to mature, however the project looks promising.