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WebCalendar – An Open Source Shared Calendar Solution

Two years ago, I discussed a shared calendar solution called Monket Calendar. In the discussion I mentioned that I was considering Monket Calendar as an alternative to PHP iCalendar, which was another (read-only) web based calendar solution I was using at the time.

I no longer use PHP iCalendar, and I haven’t since looked at Monket Calendar. The only calendering solution that I use now, and that has all the features I need, is the absolutely wonderful WebCalendar by k5n.

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Productivity Tools and Systems

I’m currently working on an article to introduce one of the productivity tools that I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve come across many different types of tools for various purposes, such as Freemind, Cmap Tools, iGTD, Google Calendar, etc. I currently have a set of tools which I use regularly (some of which I developed myself) and was curious what others out there are doing to manage their time and the large amount of information they have to process on a daily basis.

Along with PIM ((Personal Information Management)) tools, what productivity methodologies (if any) do you follow? I’ve found that a mix of ideas from “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” ((Book: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen R. Covey)) and “Getting Things Done” ((Book: “Getting Things Done” by David Allen)) works well for me. However, I know there are other, potentially better systems out there ((I say “potentially better” since what might be better for some people may be worse for others)), and I’m sure my system could be improved by methods I’m not currently aware of. For example, I recently came across an article on Lifehacker ((Lifehacker is an excellent blog/website created by Gina Trapani which focuses on productivity tools and processes, with a slant towards computer power users)) by Brad Issac which discusses how Brad received productivity advice from Jerry Seinfeld. The advice Seinfeld gave Issac outlines a simple, but brilliant way of motivating yourself to get things done.

Jerry Seinfelds advice is one I’m sure I’ll be trying out as part of my own productivity system; but I’m sure there are also many other tips and tricks out there. Whats in your productivity toolkit?