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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Once Again Read, Once Again Loved!

Some say it is easier for humans to remember negative experiences than positive ones. I’ve found this to be true often enough, where I forget how much joy I experienced from a well prepared ethnic dish, or how good it feels to walk on the sandy shores of a beautiful beach on a sunny summer day. The same goes for simple routines, like watching a favorite television show, or reading a good book.

Don't Panic!

I had this same feeling again recently when I decided to read through The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I’ve read the book before, and had found it to be an endlessly funny sci-fi adventure. This time however, I found the book to be so much more. Douglas Adams is so brilliant in his writing, that he puts even the most mundane of topics into a new light, and forces you to view it from such an angle that your head ends up under your armpit, which just happened to be relocated between your legs.

A movie version of this book came out a few years ago, but it does not do the book any justice. So many layers of plot, witty narration, and internal dialog of the characters is missing that the movie totally misses the depth of the book by 7 billion light years.

If you haven’t read this book, please do. And if you don’t understand it, read it again, with a dictionary by your side. It is in your best interest to fully grasp the ferocious satire and intelligent humor that only an author like Adams can bring to the table.

WebCalendar – An Open Source Shared Calendar Solution

Two years ago, I discussed a shared calendar solution called Monket Calendar. In the discussion I mentioned that I was considering Monket Calendar as an alternative to PHP iCalendar, which was another (read-only) web based calendar solution I was using at the time.

I no longer use PHP iCalendar, and I haven’t since looked at Monket Calendar. The only calendering solution that I use now, and that has all the features I need, is the absolutely wonderful WebCalendar by k5n.

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