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Created a Web-based HTML Editor

I have just this morning written a very basic web-based HTML editor that I will use to manage some of the articles posted to this site, particularly in the GNU/Linux section.

I sometimes find it frustrating to have to SSH in to modify some of the content on the site, so I’ve made it a little easier on myself. Some of the articles under the GNU/Linux section should now be updated more frequently!

Mindnet.Ca Now Running Ubuntu Linux

After a long run of having the Mindnet.Ca server running off a Knoppix Live CD, I figured it was time to pull everything together and put www.mindnet.ca, the Mindnet CVS, and The Bag Of Holding (TBOH) all on a properly installed and configured server. After careful consideration with regards to security, performance, and especially stability, I’ve decided to have the server run on Ubuntu Linux. Ubuntu is a Debian GNU/Linux based distribution that has a more consistant release cycle. Ubuntu is a fairly fresh (new) distribution, so it’s development model still needs to mature, however the project looks promising.