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Revision Control Systems

I’m currently using CVS as my revision control system for personal and work related projects. As of late, I’ve been feeling the need to look into alternative RCS systems, such as Git, GNU Arch, Subversion, and Bazaar.

I feel the need for change for many reasons related to the way I personally work with CVS, but mostly because I’ve never really given myself the chance to try something new or different. I fell into the CVS camp back when it pretty much was the only option, and when it definitely was the most popular.

However, I find that simple things like creating and deleting tags and branches, branch locking, and updating branches with changes made in another branch to be unnecessarily difficult, even with custom written scripts that I’ve written to compensate.

I think it’s time to try other RCS systems to see what they have to offer. Bazaar seems to be one of the more interesting projects, so I think I may try it first. I’d like to learn from the experiences of others who have taken the plunge and started using an open source revision control system besides CVS. If you’re one of those people, and have found your switch to be a positive one, please comment on your experiences!