Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogspot.. How Do You Manage?

Right now my main point of communication with the rest of the world is this blog, which is just fine by me. But now and again I’m reminded by friends that these other services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, etc., are out there, and that I should log in more often so that they can satisfy their interactivity needs by poking me, or making certain that I’m informed about what they happen to be having for dinner.

I am a proponent of building and maintaining social networks, don’t get me wrong. However I find it rather difficult (time consuming) to try and keep all these little social networks updated with my latest going’s on.

There are some solutions, such as allowing one service to update all others by providing them with your login/passwords to each of these other services (Facebook provides applications which does this). I don’t like this concept though, because I don’t like the idea of giving all my personal authentication information for all the services that I use to just one company (call me paranoid).

Therefore I’ve found small ways around this, such as including a Twitter update widget onto my WordPress blog, which doesn’t require any username/password information because it uses the Twitters “public timeline” service. It would be great if Facebook also had an application that allowed you to update Facebook’s status by reading the public timeline.

I haven’t found such a Facebook application, though I think it would be very popular. Then again, I don’t think this type of Facebook application will ever be created, because I believe that Facebook is all about driving people to log into their site to do their updates, and to prevent these updates from occurring outside of Facebook. I know that Facebook apps are mostly created by end-users, but I think there are some restrictions on what Facebook allows third-party developers to develop (just a theory), and this may be one of those restrictions.

To the other bloggers out there who are in the same boat, trying to organize and automate all your social networks – what tricks and hacks have you found that seems to be making your life easier?

Update:Trevor Mauch has a great article on the benefits and drawbacks of using Twitter vs Facebook.

One thought on “Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Blogspot.. How Do You Manage?”

  1. By the way, I caved, and installed Facebook’s Twitter application :(

    Even though it does require that you provide your Twitter username/password, it does give you the ability to allow Facebook to be updated by externally submitted Twitter messages.. So I concede, I was wrong!

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