WebCalendar – An Open Source Shared Calendar Solution

Two years ago, I discussed a shared calendar solution called Monket Calendar. In the discussion I mentioned that I was considering Monket Calendar as an alternative to PHP iCalendar, which was another (read-only) web based calendar solution I was using at the time.

I no longer use PHP iCalendar, and I haven’t since looked at Monket Calendar. The only calendering solution that I use now, and that has all the features I need, is the absolutely wonderful WebCalendar by k5n.

WebCalendar has a bunch of very useful features, including:

  • It’s a web application, so no local desktop client is required (i.e., Mozilla Sunbird).
  • It imports iCal files, so if you are already using Mozilla Sunbird, or the iCal format, you’re ready to go with WebCalendar.
  • E-mail event notifications, so that you can have a calendar entry e-mail you within a specified amount of time before the event occurs.
  • Groups, so that you share your calendar with other users of your WebCalendar Server.
  • Customized day/week/month views so that your default “view” shows as little, or as much information as you want.
  • Multiple participants can be added to a single calendar event, so that each participant is sent notification e-mails for upcoming events.
  • It works on Linux and is open-source, and so it is extensible for those who are familiar with PHP programming.
  • It is a hosted solution, meaning that your personal information is not stored on a remote company’s servers, such as with Google Calendar, or Facebook.

I have been using WebCalendar for well over a year now, and I love it. I have it set up on an Ubuntu server, and it seems to be super fast, and very easy to use. I have even set up accounts for my wife and my friends, and we all use it religiously to help us schedule our time and keep track of upcoming events.

Most people in the business world are used to using Microsoft Outlook with MS Exchange Server on the back-end; which gives them much of the features and capabilities discussed above. However, if you are looking for a personal solution, with the right features, and at the right price, you will be hard pressed to find any product that is as mature, and as delightful as k5n’s WebCalendar web-application.

Product: WebCalendar
Developer: k5n
Website: http://www.k5n.us/webcalendar.php
License: Open Source (GPL)

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